Friday, April 30, 2010

Food for thought

We have watched three documentaries in the last few weeks that really made me stop and think a little more about the foods we are eating.

King Corn - Two guys track their corn from field to plate and find it in some unexpected places.

Food, Inc -How our food industry looks more like a factory than a farm, how we got there, and why we should try to get back.  
Disclaimer: You may notice a liberal slant, and please remember this is only one side of the story, so watch with a grain of salt. I love the point made at the end that every purchase we make is a vote for the food we want to see and eat.

Super Size Me -After hearing about people suing the fast food industry, one guy decides to eat only McDonald's food for one month and see what happens.
Disclaimer: This is PG-13, so maybe not something to watch with the kids around, but it is really, really good! It had wonderful information and an unexpected ending while keeping us entertained all the way through.

They can all be viewed on Netflix as Instant-play if you have that option. That's how we watched them. They were all fascinating, so if you get a chance check them out! 

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