Thursday, April 15, 2010


I can eat butter! (That may not seem like much to shout about, but when you have a milk protein allergy it's a big deal!) I was recently told about ghee by Katie over at Kitchen Stewardship, I contacted her asking what she recommended for cooking since she (and others I have been reading) does not recommend using margarine, including the Smart Balance I have been using. She suggested ghee or coconut oil, both are wonderful fats that are solid at room tempeture, and since ghee is a cooked butter with the milk protiens removed it is perfectly safe for me to eat!
 I made up a batch of ghee, as soon as I could get my hands on some butter, using this info.
 After simmering 1lb of butter for about an hour (yes time consuming, but so worth it) it was ready. I strained it through a mesh strainer, over cheese sloth, over a wide mouth funnel; into a heat resistant jar. It was bright gold colored with no dark specks, and it cooled to a nice light yellow colored solid - perfect! I ended up with about 12oz of ghee.  
It has a wonderful taste, a little stronger than butter but not as salty. I used salted butter, but I believe the salt is removed with the proteins and impurities during the process. I'm not sure if salt is suppose to be added in since it is shelf stable as is, but I just add salt to whatever I am using it for. 

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  1. Yum yum yum yum yum :)
    When are you going to make me some :P