Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Summer Sewing: T-shirts

I cut off some of Lulu's long sleeve T-shirts now that the weather is warming up.
The first T-shirt (purple) I cut off at a 3/4-sleeve length, then turned up the ends twice making a 1 1/2 inch cuff, and ironed it in place. Then I sewed it in place with two lines of stitching, using a navy blue thread to match the details on the shirt. I started my line at the underarm seam, so that my messy start and finish would not be seen when the shirt is being worn.
The second shirt (white) I cut off at a short-sleeve length, I used one of her other T-shirts as a guide for the length, and then added about 2 inches for the hem. I turned it under twice, ironing each time, then sewed it with one stitch line in white thread.
Sewing on the shirts was really easy to do. I was nervous about the stretch of the material, but it turned out fine. Much easier than jeans!
Isn't she cute!

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  1. The shirts are SO CUTE! I loved the two hem lines on the second shirt - very cute and I would have never thought to do that :)

    I have a HUGE basket of winter wear that needs my attention to bring it to life for the summer - eh wish I had the time to do it...