Friday, September 25, 2009


Yes it's ours! I know, I know this post is really late, but I have been painting, moving, and unpacking for the last month. The house is finally starting to come together, and look like our home; it was really nice to get all of our things out of storage. Here are some of the pictures of our progress!

This is of course a picture of the moving truck delivering all of our stuff. Yay!! Almost everything ended up in the living room, it seemed like a sea of brown boxes for weeks.

Here is a picture of the house shortly before we got it,...
and the beautiful door painted an ugly brown.

This is after painting the door and some yard work. We replaced the pine straw with mulch and switched out the plants along the drive.

Here is the paid help. (He is so cute, even with his shirt on backwards.)
We paid the kids a penny for every leaf they could pick out of the gardens. JP got 133 leaves. Immy got 255 leaves, and Lulu got lots of mulch which she then threw in to the yard.

Here is the picture after the shutters went up. The shutters match the door. I love it; it really adds color to the house. And of course I love blue, so that's even better!

Ok, moving on to the inside of the house.
Here is one of the bedrooms we painted. Before: brown
After: yellow
This room is all mine! For now. It will eventually be the girls room, but I am using it for a sewing/office until they need it.

Bathroom before: brown
Bathroom after: lovely light green!

Another bedroom before: brown
After: 3/4 green, 1/4 brown
We made this room the playroom! (Future little boy's room) The brown and green are divided with a shelf that goes around the whole room; it is painted a darker shade of green and will eventually hold toys and decorations. The white shelf was going to go against the wall for toy storage, but while we were painting I realized it would make a great room divider. I used it for toy storage on one side and put a playhouse set up on the other.
The rooms not quite finished, but I think it has turned out really cute so far!

Here is the living room, the only change in here was the can lights that Dh and the electrician put up.
In the kitchen they also put up can lights, installed a new light fixture, and replaced the pendants over the bar. They were busy!

The kitchen before: dark brown and light brown (same as the rest of the house)

The kitchen after: bright blue
I told you I like blue right? Well this turned out to be too bright even for me, so...
after much anxiety and color swatches on the wall, it was repainted to a more subtle grey/blue and brown.
Here is a more recent picture.
The bar was painted a darker shade of brown to make it stand out against the wall. I LOVE the kitchen now, and it was totally worth the near heart failure I had trying to pick out new colors.

Laundry room before: brown
Laundry room after: blue
I love this color. It's way to bold to go in any of the main living spaces, but it really brightens up the laundry room. The guys also replaced a light fixture in here.

The kids bedroom before: brown
Kids room after: lower half blue with a wave pattern border.
This room is so big, it made a perfect kids room. We are letting the kids share until they get older, then we will move them in to the other two rooms and this room will become the playroom.
It's not done yet; I have more decorations planned to make it fun and beachy, but you can see the wave pattern here over the reading area.

Here is the master bedroom. Dh and the electrician put up the can lights in here too. I was against it and totally thought it was unnecessary, but I have to say, I love it now. It is so nice to have the extra light over the bed for reading!
I am really glad we were able to get all of this done before our stuff was delivered because it made such a mess!

Here is the master bathroom before: brown walls and glass sinks
Master bath room after: We painted a lovely light blue and put in more traditional white sinks that I think really "pop" against the dark counter tops.
Later we painted the brown accent wall over the sinks. I don't really care for it, but Dh likes it, so it stays. We also put in a shower door (below).
That's all for now, but I'm sure there will be more. We are learning quickly that with a house there is always more to do. :)

Also, big thank-yous to everyone who helped us make our house a home! We love you guys!