Saturday, July 25, 2009

Still looking

Dh has just finished up his second week at work, and I think he is settling in well. It is desk work and a really long drive (1hr. and 20min one way!), but the nice thing is that he gets every other Friday off. He had yesterday off so we did more of what we have been doing for the last three weeks: looked at houses. We are anxious to get in a house farther south so that Dh doesn't have to drive as far, and it will be really nice to get into a house so we can start unpacking. Right now all of our stuff is still in storage. I think we are getting close to finding one. We already put an offer on one but it was not accepted, now we are looking at a few more that we really like, so maybe we will put in another offer on Monday.
Things have been going really well with the kids; they love the farm, and are having lots of fun with all the family. We have one funny story that I will share, but be warned it is not for the faint of heart;).
Immy and JP were playing outside the other day and when the older kids went out to check on them they found the kids playing with their "Mousy Friend" - a dead rat. They were washing it and holding it. It would have been adorable if it had been a kitten, but under the circumstances it was pretty gross. So "Mousy Friend" was disposed of and the kids were washed thoroughly about thirty times.
Even though the kids struck out with the "Mousy Friend" they really seem to love animals, so perhaps after we get into a house we can get a "Puppy Friend", and make sure that all the other little "Friends" stay out of our yard!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Here are the pictures I promised...


This was our house all packed-up.
We lived in this all weekend; it was like being in a mouse maze.

The movers came on Monday to load our stuff.

Our empty living room.

JP in our empty garage.

Me out in front of the house sweeping (I clean when I am nervous :) with all of our boxes.

A slightly distorted view of all of our stuff in the trailer. They had three households packed into this trailer!

We stayed with some friends Monday night.
Here is Grace playing with Lulu.

Immy, JP, and Claire playing with Play dough.
Here is a good-bye shot.
We miss you all!

This was our second night stop. The kids love playing in the pool!

Dh by the pool.

Me and Lulu. She LOVES the water!

This is a rest stop outside Colorado Springs.

This is a shot leaving Colorado.
Our visit was wonderful, but I will post more pictures of that later when I get them off Dh's camera.

We saw these windmills on our drive south. I can't remember what state they were in.

Here is a picture of the kids around 6am.
JP is my early riser :)

This was our first sight of the water and the battleship in Alabama.

More water.

We made it to Florida.
Here are the pictures of my parents land and house, from their trailer where we are staying.

The horses around the back deck of the trailer.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Moving Updates

It has been weeks since my last post! I really feel bad about that, but I have a good excuse. :D Aside from the crazy moving stuff I also do not have Internet at the place where we are staying, so I haven't been on much. Anyway, here is a quick update:
The move went well; we left California on June 23rd. We stayed in Colorado with the family for about six days then made it to Florida on July 1st.
The kids did so great with the traveling; we left most mornings around 3am and traveled until 5pm each night. This was a great schedule because the kids slept most of the morning, and when they were starting to get really fussy (3-5pm) we were ready to stop for the night.
The visits with the family have been wonderful too! Our time in Colorado was great, even with the house under re-model. :) We always have a good time there! The kids are also loving the farm here in Florida, and have been enjoying all the family.
We are missing all of our friends back in California, hopefully we will get out there again soon, but until then I will do my best to keep up this blog. I know, I know I need to be on Facebook too. It's on my to-do list. ;)