Saturday, January 31, 2009

A beautiful day in SLO

We set out for the children's museum, but found it was a bit crowded when we got there. A couple of 1st grade classes had arrived before us, and cheap me did not want to pay $25 for us to get in unless we were going to get the whole place to ourselves. Sooo, (after a little convincing) we decided that it would be more fun to go see the sites downtown and come back to the museum another day. We did have fun too! It was a very warm Jan. day and the sky was really as blue as it looks in the pictures. We played by the stream, walked by the Mission, then to the bread store for lunch, and shared a cup of icecream before heading home.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hello to the world of Blogging

Hello to all! To break in my new blog here's a bit about me. I live by the sea. I have a beautiful family. I am christian. I love to craft, cook, sew, shop, and read. And if you check back often you will get updates on all of these! Here is one of my favorite pictures of me taken by my own personal photographer my four year old (yes, I'm the one in orange).