Friday, April 16, 2010

Everybody in the pool!

I decided to pick up some kiddie pools for the kids now that the weather is really getting hot. Unfortunately this decision was made at the store, and it wasn't until I went to load them that I stopped to consider whether they would fit in my humble mini van. Luckily I like a challenge, and after moving a few car seats, groceries, and putting down the back seat we were able to squeeze it all in.
We bought one baby kiddie pool for the back patio (for Lulu to splash around in while I cook dinner, etc.) and one big kiddie pool for the front driveway (for when all the big kids want to splash around). A little excessive? Maybe, but the little one was only $10, and I fully expect to get our $10 worth out of it this summer!
Lulu was a little displeased with the mess I had made of her van. 

JP and Lulu ready to swim!
Mmmmm, soggy graham crackers.

The kids have really enjoyed the pool, I think we have used it three or four times in the last week!

I love the kids little swimming shirts. I don't have to slather them up with sunscreen from head to toe, just a little on the face and ears and they are good to go. I still have to get one for Immy. I am looking at the pink one at Lands End paired with their little swimming skirts, so cute! 

The BumGenius diaper covers make a perfect swim diaper when you take out the inserts. 

Splash'n around!


  1. LOL! Mine was a blow up for that very reason :) though the one you got is cheaper and probably more durable. I love Lulu's face in the van...we should come over to play in your pool!!!

  2. You're making me want to go out and buy one! (But it's not warm enough here yet. You know--that will happen in like september. :)