Saturday, April 10, 2010

Holy Saturday 2010

We had a lovely Holy Saturday. We started out at the City's egg hunt in the park, we drop off the baked goods to the bakesale and then stayed for the hunt. The kids had a great time! Lulu was too nervous to hunt with all the other kids, but she was given lots of eggs, and then went around "hunting" the empty eggs when the others had left. The kids played on the playset, then we enjoyed some goodies from the MOMS bakesale before heading home to decorate our eggs.
Here is JP and Immy in their expensive smocks, ready to dye eggs. 
Lulu didn't get to help this year, so we dyed the eggs during her nap time.
I got this wonderful idea for using whisks to hold the eggs while dyeing them from our Family Fun magazine. It worked out so well, and really made it easy for the kids to handle the eggs. I bought two sets of cheap whisks from Walmart for about $3 each. The eggs fit perfectly in to the large and med size whisks, so the kids each had two to use, and I didn't have to worry about them getting bent up because they were going in the Easter box to use for next year.
Before the dyeing the kids colored on their eggs with crayons. This is a part that I really like, and I snuck a few egg away for me to decorate. The kids did a great job, Immy drew pictures on her's and JP mostly just scribbled.
Another nice thing about using the whisk to dye with is that we didn't get any white spots on the eggs from where they were resting against the sides of the cup. After the eggs dried the kids decorated them with stickers, and Lulu was up so we let her put stickers on all the plastic eggs; they turned out really cute!

Here are a few of the finished eggs.

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  1. HOW CLEVER! I love the whisk idea! And coloring on the eggs - pre-dunking - so cool and fun :) I missed doing eggs this year