Saturday, August 6, 2011

Little book worm

Immy learned to read this past school year, and she has not stopped since. 
It has become a regular scene this summer to see her lounging around with her eyes intently on her book. 
I love it.
 She has been very interested in "chapter books", and says she is too old for baby books. I got her some at garage sales, and my mother gave me all the American Girl Books that I read when I was little. She has blown through them, sometimes reading two AG books a day.
Take a picture of me too!
When we read at bed time does not come over to listen anymore, she prefers to read her own book. I don't mind too much, it's good for her and the little ones. Now I can read more of the books JP and Lulu enjoy to hear.
Liony is also her constant companion. There's a little bit of my "little girl" left in there.
So pretty!

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