Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lavender Eye Pillows

Yikes! It's been so long since I've posted anything creative, and I do still create, even when I am really busy. So here is something I finished up a while ago, but am just now getting around to sharing: Lavender Eye Pillows!
 I made ten of these darling little pillows to include in Thank-You gift bags which were given to the board members of our local MOMS Club
 I started by making a basic patten out of paper. The top is straight and the bottom is notched in so it lays across the nose comfortably. I cut my pillows out about 1/2 inch smaller then the "pillow cases". 
I had these perfect-size white cotton rectangles in my fabric stash (that were from another project I have long since forgotten about), so I ended up altering my original design and going with straight sides, but rounded side are very pretty too.
The filling station.
 I decided to make my pillows with little removable "pillow cases" so that the moms could wash it if needed. (This was a suggestion from my sister who said her son put hers outside in the dirt, and it just didn't smell as nice after that...) I stitched up the three sides, leaving the small side open for filling, and filled it half full of rice. Then I added 2 tsp of lavender, and pinned the side closed. I tested this all along the way to check the comfort, that it was big enough to block out the light, not too heavy on the eyes, and that the scent was not too strong.
Three of my pillow cases ready to be sewn.
 I sewed the sides of the pillows closed (not shown), and then started on the cases by putting the two sides of my cases right sides together and folding down 1/2 inch on one end and ironing it down to create a hem. I then unpinned the hem end and stitched the hem on the front and back pieces separately. I repinned them together (right sides together still) and sewed all the way around leaving the hemmed side open for the pillow to slide in.
No hand sewing needed!
A fancier closure could have been put on the cases (zipper, button, velcro, ribbon), however I liked the simplicity of these and just left mine open like little pillow cases.
Ready to sooth some tired mommas!
 I put a pillow in each case and finished them of with a pretty bow and tag.
To warm put in the microwave for 20 seconds.
 To use just lay back, place it over your eyes, and breath deep.
 Try to relax.
 Think happy thoughts...
and try not to laugh too much.

Thanks go to:
My beautiful model, Immy
A friend from the MOMS Club who donated her beautiful quilting scraps for the covers, and
My darling husband who helped me pick the lavender in CA.
The only part of this I had to buy was the rice, so each pillow cost me around .50 cents to make! 
Thank you!


  1. They came out great! You should sell them :-)

  2. Loved these! You are brilliant!