Friday, August 5, 2011

July 2011 Highlights

I have been keeping up with everyday life and not getting to my computer as much as I'd like, but I figure that's ok; everything has a season, and posting is on a back burner right now. This month has been busy. My Grandmother died on July 2nd, that was difficult and quickly followed by the funeral, visits from family, DH returning home, birthday parties, and the disappointing news that DH was not selected by the Reserves. Life goes on, though not exactly as we had planned. Right now we are working on plans for the future, and deciding whether or not we should move back to California. Nothing is set yet, but I'm sure it will all work it's self out soon. Here are a few highlights from our busy month.

Immy's actual birthday
The birthday was a really big deal this year. I had kind of forgotten what it's like to be SO excited about your birthday coming. She had a whole list of things she wanted to do for her day. I usually don't indulge the birthday wants too much, reminding my kids that the party is coming; however, it had been a hard week for all of us and a fun distraction was just what we all needed. First on the list was "Going shopping at the mall". (Is she that old already??) She had birthday money burning a hole in her pocket, so we went to The Children's Place to buy shoes and trinkets. Then she wanted to ride a big bouncing ride we had seen at the mall once before, but it was gone so I suggested the merry-go-round. She was thrilled with the substitute, and even more happy that her brothers and sister could ride it with her.
 I had to stand with Lulu, so even PT got to ride.
 Smiles all around.
 After the mall Immy wanted to go to Pizza Hut, but we switched that out with Wendy's eaten in the car. (Close enough.) Then we did a surprise stop at Dairy Queen. Each of the kids got to pick their treat, and I shared my favorite, an Oreo Blizzard, with PT. We tend to draw a bit of attention wherever we go, and this was no exception. Immy ate hers carefully like a big girl, but JP got his all over his face -on purpose. This was met with loads of giggles and encouragement from the girls. PT was pretty clean, because I fed him, but he kept turning around to give irresistible baby smiles to the ladies behind us. And Lulu was doing more talking than eating so she had to share her drippy cone with PT before it turned into a puddle. They had fun, and so did I; mission accomplished. 
Sweets for my sweeties

Here I am after a night out with the ladies. I am related to all of these fine ladies, and lucky for it too. We were all in town to say our good-byes to my grandmother, an amazing lady herself. After a week of expecting her to pass at any moment, we stole away for a little time to catch up. She actually passed away while we were out, and we quietly ended the evening. It was a strange mix of emotions, and bitter sweet to get "the call" while we were all together. She waited to pass on until the last grandchild had shown up to say good-bye; well, almost, the last one was actually in Germany and could not make it back. But all the others made it, 57 total -I think, I rarely stop to count, but there's a lot of us. It certainly isn't the only thing she contributed, but it's a fine way to leave, having given so much love to so many people. 

The party!
We had a lovely party for Immy at the splash park, and we were able to invite all her school friends that we could hunt down. The hard thing about having your birthday during the summer. But she has so many non-school friends it's nice not to have to invite the whole class. 
I'm meeelting, meeeeelting..
 It was a cooker of a day, most of us parent were eyeing the water, wishing we could run through it too. The kids had a blast, and we were able to do the cake and presents just in time before a thunder storm hit and sent our guests scattering.
Big smiles from the birthday girl!

Who is this toddler, and where did my baby go??
 I snuck out of bed a little early one morning, and when I turned around to tuck the baby in I nearly gasped! Did he get that big over night!?
 Another day at the beach.
The storms had churned up a lot of seaweed, and it was everywhere. Yuck. It was inconvenient to me and we left early, but I always feel bad for the people who had to drive a really long way to get here. They don't have the option to just come back another day, and it really is so much more fun when the water is clear.  
AAAAHHH, there's seaweed on me

 I took Immy in for a chop. Her long hair was beautiful, but a lot for her to manage. Unfortunately I took her to a kids salon and got a pretty poor hair cut. I don't know why, but I never seem to get a good cut from the cutesie kids places.
She is so cute though!

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