Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 2009!!

We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas! We decided not to go out of town this year, so Dh picked up our lovely tree on Christmas eve. I was still feeling sick this week, so there were no cookies or holiday baking, but the kids seemed quite happy to leave animal crackers out for Santa instead. Immy also left Santa a note thanking him for bringing presents and explaining why she had left him money in place of the cookie she had eaten.
Here are pictures of Christmas morning before the kids woke up. Each of the kids got three gifts; one big thing from Santa and two small things from us.

Here is the kids table with their Christmas tree and nativity scene.
This is the "card tree" we made to hold our Christmas cards, we got the idea from our Family Fun magazine. One of the down sides to moving so often is that it takes a while for our Christmas cards to catch up, so we ended up using it to display all of our holiday artwork!
The kids found their stockings first and were delighted with all the little goodies inside! We usually open our stockings on Epiphany, January 6th, but since we were celebrating at home this year we did them on Christmas day. I think we will go back to opening them on Epiphany next year and maybe incorporate this idea for the three gifts.
Immy found her note from Santa, and JP started right in on the presents!
Lulu got a Raggedy Ann doll,...
a baby cradle with homemade bedding, and a picnic basket of fabric fruit.
JP got a wooden barn set from from Santa.

Lulu was checking out her new baby cradle, and Immy was anxious to "help" her open the next gift.
JP also got an animal set and a box of little men, everything from cavemen to Knights and horses. I think he liked the little men the best, and has played with them nearly everyday.
The doll house was the biggest gift Santa brought; it was for Immy, but the kids all share it. Immy also got the book Pancakes for Supper, a paper doll nativity set, and a box of My Little Ponies!
She loves Pancakes for Supper, I think I would have bought this book even if there hadn't been a special occasion to give it. The story is very similar to one my mimi had when we were little called Little Black Sambo, and the illustrations are by Mark Teague one of my favorite children's book illustrators.

Here is Immy checking out their new kaleidoscope.

Immy and Lulu doing their "happy dance"!
More "happy dance"!
All of the kids love the new doll house!
Dh was up late getting ready for Christmas and playing xbox, so we let him catch a little nap before mass.
The mass was lovely and they sang all the wonderful Christmas carols that I missed hearing on the radio this year. Here are JP and Immy in their Christmas best!
Merry Christmas!!

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  1. So awesome! I loved getting a glimpse into you're Christmas :) Especially the happy dance lol