Friday, December 18, 2009

What an Angel!

Immy was chosen to be a beautiful angel in her school play, and guess who was chosen to make the costume. Yeah, me. I started working on it two days before she needed to wear it. Yikes, bad momma! But it all came together, and she looked so cute!

It was the standard pillowcase dress with a little slip underneath. Some white cording for the belt and gold for the halo. Her wings were batting, foam board, paint, and lots of hot glue. Nothing fancy, but she was definitely the cutest kid on the stage, at least that's my opinion.

I have some pictures of the play, but they are sadly too small to make out who is who, so here are the pics from afterward when we picked her up from the classroom.


  1. aw :) that makes me wish even more that I had been able to make it to the play! She looks so cute! and it's not 'bad momma' unless you forgot to do the costume altogether of course :P

  2. She is a beautiful angel! Her Noni wishes she had remembered.