Friday, December 4, 2009


Well, my computer is telling me it's going to die in thirty minutes so I have at least fifteen to scratch out a quick update for all of you.

First off, we are pregnant; Yay! Yes, it is number 4. Yes, it was planned. Yes, we are excited, though my excitement did wane a little when the morning sickness set in. (No worries, I'm sure is will be back full force when the baby starts to kick. I love that part!) The little one is due July 20th, or there abouts. I'm crossing my fingers that it comes early and hopefully around 8 lb, or 7lb even, I would take that. No more 9.9-ers! Jeesh! ( just kidding, we love you Lulu! You were totally worth it.)

Our Thanksgiving holiday was wonderful, we spent several days at my parents house and was able to enjoy the whole family since my sister was on break from the religious order she joined in August. Thanksgiving day was great too, the food was amazing as always, and we got to see a lot of the cousins who have moved away or gone off to college. So much fun! The only downside was that Lulu started getting a cold/Flu thing the Monday before Thanksgiving and we are still trying to get over it. Yuck! Immy slept through two whole days and then still missed two more days of school after the break. And I have to say, morning sickness and a cold, not a fun combination. I didn't get a thing done this past week. Hopefully we have had our share of the holiday sickness and can spend the rest of it in peace!

Not much else... we have done a few new things to the house. We put in a new back door with a glass panel (It's wonderful, let's so much more light in to the kitchen!), and painted the gables on the outside of the house. I think next we may put a better faucet in the kitchen so that I can do this with the old sprayer. We will see.

And no, I did not get this update out in 15 minutes. I actually was distracted by three contractors, two kids, and then I had to plug the computer in and go pick up Immy from school. I didn't get back to my computer for another few days, then my cold turned in to a horrible sinus infection, and I was down for another few days. After that I just spent the next week playing catch-up. Sound familiar ladies? Oh well, we do what we can ;)

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