Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cloth Diaper Trouble Shooting

We are still using the cloth diapers, and aside from a few little issues it's been going well. The two problems that have been persistent are the leaking and the smell, but I think we have them just about worked out.

One part of the leakage problem was that we were too used to disposables diapers holding two to three wettings, and we were not changing her often enough. We fixed this by doing what we should have been doing all along, which is change her after each wetting. Perhaps the fact that action must be taken after each wetting, as opposed to every few wettings, is why cloth diapered kids usually potty train sooner? Hmm, not sure, but anyway back to the leaking; the last problem was the night-time leaking. Because we do not change her through the night we fixed this by using a disposable for bed time. I'm not sure if we will still need to do this if we move her up a size (I hope not), but we will see.
I'm happy to say that the smell problem is solved! I checked the BumGenius website and it said to use a 1/4 cup of bleach every now and then to help with the smell. Since I didn't have any liquid bleach I tried "sun bleaching" them by letting them dry out in the sun shine, a tip I got from another spot online. This worked great! And it had the added benefit of helping to lower our diaper related costs by not using the dryer. I also love the way all the clean white diapers look drying outside.We still don't have a diaper sprayer, but I want one so bad! I also want to get all the kids some over-night cloth pants so we don't have to buy Pullups; I'll keep working towards these as time and money permits. In the mean time this is a great start, and I'm happy with the progress!

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