Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Walk on the beach

We went for a walk on the boardwalk today. The Ladybugs were everywhere! It was not a day for the squeemish, they were in our hair, on our clothes, and flying everywhere we looked. The kids thought it was great.
The pictures don't do it justice; it was gorgeous! But also very hot.The kids were trying to collect Ladybugs in the bucket, but they kept flying out.
So they moved on to collecting seedpods from the eucalyptus trees, wow, do they smell strong!
BabyGirl was part of the stroller brigade.
Here is my tired crew at the end.
And here's me looking very hot. No, really; I was about to melt. You can see Mr. in the background flushed from the heat. We were all glad to get back into the car's AC.
To bad the house doesn't have any.

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