Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The library

We made it to the library yesterday; we were late to our friends house, but luckily she's a mom so she understood. I am really loving the library website which allows us to look-up and put books on hold from the comfort of my couch! I tried looking it up at the library before but with three little kids it was a joke, so like I said, I love this feature. I put a bunch of books on hold, so here is the stash we came home with.There are a few sewing books for me and some USAF books for the kids. I thought it would be good for the kids to see some stories and pictures to go along with everything they have been hearing about. Sunshine was irritated that these were not "fun" books and said she didn't want to read any "daddy" books; I assume she means books that are for Daddy not about Daddy, but with her you just never know. Oh well, at least Mr. and I are happy.

( A follow up note: Sunshine has been seen carrying the My Hero book around the house for the last two days :)

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  1. Your follow up note made me tear up....I'm a softy I know, but that is so very sweet.

    I need to check out our library, but I imagine we are still about a year away from "needing" the library, lol.