Thursday, April 9, 2009


More up-dates from March. :)

Here are the pictures from our weekend away. DH and I went to Vegas to pick up the car he bought and have fun for my birthday which happen to be on the same weekend.
Here is the airport we flew out of. Our plane was an hour late, but we didn't have any kids with us, so who cares!
The plane is finally here! It was a great flight; every time the Pilot would say "Las Vegas" everyone on the plane would cheer.

No, this is not DH's new car. (Although he does look pretty great in it!) We were just having a look around the show room. He was like a kid in a candy store.
Another photo op; these cars were gorgeous!

After the car buying business we got to have some fun. Luckily this is the only surviving photo ;)

The next morning we set out to find breakfast and see a few more things before heading home.
It was a beautiful morning.

Ahhh, breakfast in Paris.
We found this great little bistro outside the Paris hotel.

The view was great. This is Caesar's Palace.
The Bellagio. We caught one of their fountain shows at the end of our breakfast.

This was my morning cup of tea.

A thoughtful look over OJ.

I love this picture; it was such a relaxing morning, and our first time away from the kids since Baby Girl was born.

We wandered around until noon then we had to get on the road.
Here is the truck that he bought. It is really nice and we got a great deal.
Over all it was a great trip!


  1. OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I wish I could have gone too!!!! You are one wild and fun loving chica....I'm so jealous! Great pics, and I'm glad your back to posting!

  2. You wild women! I have to come visit you!!! So happy you started a blog... I read it whenever I get a's adorable! LOVE YOU!

  3. wow... total hottie on the pole!!! you and brit are too much to handle! Looks like it was a really fun trip. can't wait to see yall.


  4. Did Britt make you say that? ;) Thanks!