Thursday, May 26, 2011

Easter 2011!

Easter morning
Dh was in charge of getting all the gifts for the baskets, since he was out of town for all the Easter prep. He did an amazing job, and each one of the kids had (several) special things to discover Easter morning!
JP and Immy got started early, while Lulu was sleeping in.
I even got a special Easter gift!!
New camera!
 After mass we had an egg hunt with the cousins at my parent's house.
Ready, set, go!



PT and Daddy


Laying down on the job?

Looking for the Golden Egg.

Immy: I will find it!            Lulu: I'm never going to find it!

JP: I have to find it before Bper!     Bper: I have to find it before JP!
Good job Immy!

Happy 1st Easter PT!


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