Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bug Jars!

The kids have been fascinated with bugs recently, and have been interested in collecting and inspecting every little creature they find, so a few weeks ago we set to work to make some happy homes for our new guests. After that we laid down a few rules so we could all live together peacefully: #1 No bugs in the house unless they are in a jar, #2 Bug jars are not allowed to be opened in the house ever, and lastly, #3 No bug jars in the beds (this one we had to add later). 

Immy's rock jar, Mole Cricket home, Wood Beetle terrarium
The small jar came first, but when the Wood Beetle started to become a long term resident we set him up with a roomier pad. An old applesauce jar was perfect, and a cork screw put nice little holes in the lid. We looked online to see what the bugs are called, eat, and need to survive; then we try to set up each home to make our guests comfortable.

Now we are all happy. Luckily for the bugs they get switched out regularly, and we are learning all sorts of great lessons like don't pick up your millipede with pliers, and wood beetles don't like to take a bath, and pincher bugs actually will pinch you.  
Yep, good times.   

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  1. LMBO! Okay - awesome post :) Not a fan of bugs, but loving your enthusiasm and 'rules' :P