Monday, February 2, 2009

Gallon Jar Fabric Dyeing

These are the gorgeous colors that came out on my fabrics from the fabric dyeing workshop! We dyed ten pieces of fabric in a one gallon jar. The ten pieces were layered in the jar with a different dye on top of each one. I pushed them down, put the lid on, and hoped for the best. Then after 24 hr (at home) I took them out and started rinsing, washing, ironing, and folding. It actually took me about two weeks to get to the folding part, because I worked little bits at a time between cooking and crying babies :). It was a lot of fun and not as tedious as I expected. The rinsing took about two hours but it was so nice to get a few quiet moments to myself and to think, that I must say, I kind of enjoyed it! Anyway, getting back to the fabrics, they are so pretty! It was really neat to see how each one turned out. Will I do it again? Hmm, we'll have to see, but in the mean time I have big plans for these. :)

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