Monday, May 18, 2009

Fire Trucks!

We had such an exciting day last Friday!
We had set out for the library, and when we pulled in I noticed two fire trucks in an empty lot down the road. It did not look like an emergency response so I asked the kids if they wanted to drive over and watch. When we got there the signs said it was a training exercise. I parked across the street and opened the door so the kids could watch.
After a few minutes a fireman headed our way and I figured he was going to ask us to leave, but as you can see from the pictures they invited us over! They were so kind and let the kids ride in the fire truck, look at all the gear, and ask questions. The nice fireman, John, was telling us that the exercises was county wide, and that they were training for the forest fires. He said that they had gotten started early that morning and were just finishing up and getting ready to go.
When we had no more questions and the kids had seen all they could, we thanked them all, and I told the kids that we could sit and watch the (4!!) fire trucks while they put away their gear.
But, we were in for one more surprise. While we were watching, fire trucks from all over the county started to show up. I put the kids to work using their counting skills, but soon it was higher than Mr. could count; 21 in all!! The kids were so excited!
I couldn't fit them all in one picture.
Even the Forestry service was there, and firemen, firemen everywhere! What a treat! After a What-to-do-if-you-have-a-hose-leak demonstration we headed for home. It was a really warm day, and the kids were happy and tired. We had been there for about 1 1/2 hours, and never made it to the library, but I think we had more fun!
The evening brought even more excitement for the kids, since Grandpa (from Colorado) came by for a visit. Sunshine talked his ear off, while Mr. did his best to beat him up, and BabyGirl just showed off her fancy walking. They where so happy, and when he took us out for ice cream they were pretty sure the day couldn't have gotten any better!
It was a really fun day, but it did get better, at least for me, because as soon as I put them in bed they went to sleep without a word ;).


  1. Kids look like they are having a blast! I can't wait to see you guys :-)



  2. What an awesome day and a very cool treat!! All those firetrucks - AWESOME!
    You only got away with being there cause you had such cute kids with you ;o)