Thursday, May 28, 2009

Big News

Well the big news is that we have decided not to join the military. It was a very long decision for us, and Dh was doing really well at OTS, but ultimately we felt that the military was just not where we were called to be.
A big Thank-You to Meme and Mom for sending all the goodies home with Dh! I think about six dozen cookies made it home to uneaten. Luckily I bagged them up and put some in the freezer, because it turned out that there were worms in the bottom of the box. Thanks Meme! The kids loved them, and your picture is on the way. :D


  1. You got me! I thought that's just like Mimi to use an old box with worms! So happy it was eatable worms. I didn't realize we sent so many cookies. DH must not eat anything while traveling. Can't wait for next week. Love you dearly. Noni

  2. 6 DOZEN!!! Wow, how yummy! Cute about the worms too ;)