Monday, May 4, 2009

Class Time!

Here is a little update on the Class Time? post from a few weeks ago:

Thank you to all the wonderful friends and family who offered their advice; we did decide to try again, and we found a class perfect for the kids!!
This morning I took the kids to try-out a gymnastics class recommended by my friend. They did so good!
(Mr. is in the red shirt)
I did a lot of prepping ahead with the kids, about listening to the teacher and working with the class, before we got there. But I was still nervous , and as soon as I sent them in to class I stated to see a repeat of the same behavior as before. I thought maybe this wasn't going to work out, but after talking to each of their teachers and working with the kids a little, things got much better. I had put them in separate classes to see if they would do better. (Separate but at the same time.) It was a little challenging running back and forth to help them both, but once they started to get the hang of it and listen to the teachers I was able to step back and let them go.
(Sorry the pics are blurry, I was holding BabyGirl :)
It was great to see them working independently from me and each other. They are together all the time, so I was glad that they had a chance to be on their own for a bit. BabyGirl was glad to get my attention back too, since she had to sit in the stroller for most of the class :)

(Sunshine is in the yellow shirt.)
Sunshine did run off at the end of class, but luckily it was only to the door. She was mad and did not want to leave; not perfect but better. We'll keep working on that.
And the discount card I was looking for at the Outlets the other day(the one no longer being made), they had one there for me. $30 off!!


  1. YAY! What a fantastic day, and congrats on finding something so perfect for your energetic little ones :o) I'll have to start with that type of class when Bper gets old enough.

  2. I don't spend ALOT of time planning activities. Maybe an hour or two a month of thinking up and writing down my intentions for each letter of the week. Because I use so many household items or things we already have, I don't have to make a ton of things for them to do (which takes more time). There are many times where I just feel stumped on a letter (like Uu for next week) and I do spend more time trying to be creative and come up with SOMETHING to do.

    The activies themselves don't take much time to do, just alittle thought and organization (especially cooking).

    I have found that blogging our activities helps keep me accountable to myself better. Of course, I don't blog about every silly little thing we do. I also don't always get everything on my list done, and I don't give myself a hard time about it. As long as I get one thing in each category done, I am happy.

    I hope this helps and answers your question.