Friday, May 8, 2009

Baby Dolls

BabyGirl found Mr's apron the other day and kept trying to put it on, so I helped her out, and tied it on her. She was so cute and wore it for the longest time!
She has also discovered baby dolls (we have a lot of babydolls!) and has been carrying them around the house, patting them on the back, and putting them in the little stroller. I just love it! I thought she was a little young to pick that up, but I guess the time has just really gone by fast.

Babygirl is holding PinkBaby, Sunshine's favorite doll.
Sunshine is practicing her "gymnastics" on the back of the high chair. She has been really sweet, and has been very willing to share her dolls now that BabyGirl is showing an interest in big-girl toys. Although, she still keeps PinkBaby to herself most of the time ;)

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