Sunday, September 25, 2011

Headed West Again, FL to CA

We are moving again. Back home, it feels like, and yet away from all our family. It's funny how sometimes the place that feels most like home is not where you started out at all, but you know it when your there. You can feel it, and it's like being in love. You long to be in that place when you are gone, and you just feel "right" when you are there. That's how I feel when we are in our little part of CA. I'm happy to be going back, even if it ends up being just for a little while.
Our life in boxes.

Even though it "feels like home" to go back, it was not an easy decision. There is always so much more that goes into a big decision. Is it right, the right time, the right opportunity. And sometimes the disappointment of opportunities lost. Leaving you to wonder "Now what?", and hope Plan B is the right one.
The weight of our world on his shoulders
I adore my DH. He is a good man who's not afraid to follow his dreams, and yet always considering our needs too. It's not an easy balance, but he does it well.

Why yes, whose are camo overalls with pink ruffles. Why do you ask?
  Hehe, you know your still in the South when you see this at the local Walmart. We stopped before we set out and picked up some provisions for the trip. 
We were glad to stay with the family for a few days before we left. It was nice to relax and visit before we had to say good-bye.

The trip was an adventure. We had two little ones with a stomach bug which meant several emergency clean-up stops. We were driving separate cars, so there was no resting, or tending to the kids on the road. We also left late and only had two and a half days to get there to meet the moving truck. It was not ideal. We had to push really hard, driving 16-18hrs a day for two days, and then 9hrs the last day. I will admit to breaking down in tears by the end of day two, but luckily the last day was easier, and the anticipation of being in our new home (and out of the van) kept us going.
You'll never take me alive!
We didn't have time for sight seeing, but this fun little spot fit in with a stop for breakfast. We enjoyed seeing the dinosaurs and stretching our legs. Can you spot the toddler making a break for it on the other side of the park?
Immy and JP thought it was awesome, and ate breakfast on the brontosaurus toes.
Dh did catch up with our little runner. Plots for escape were foiled.
I can't imagine why he would want to run away.
We finally made it to the new house, right on time. We pulled up five minutes after the moving truck. Pretty good for a cross country trip. Unfortunately the driver had not been given the conformation number for our payment, so after all that rushing, the truck had to leave again with all of our stuff still inside. We were exhausted. I considered going to a hotel, but just couldn't bring myself to get back in the car, so I announced that we were camping in the house for the night. I sent Dh out for some essentials and ordered a pizza. We set up blankets on the floor and even had our sweet new neighbors/landlords lend us some bedding and towels. Our stuff was back at 8am the next morning, and it was kind of a blessing in disguise that we were able to get some rest before starting on the unpacking. Everything worked out in the end, and it was on to the next adventure: turning our new house into a home.

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