Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Swollen face after a fever.

Histamine reaction to a fever.
Ok, strange picture time. In mid Oct my kids had a histamine reaction to their fevers. At the time I could not find any information about it online, and when I called our doctor the nurse just told me to bring the kids in to be checked (Yes, I would love to drag my four sick, throwing-up kids to your office, pay you over $100, and then have you tell me "Give her some Benadryl". Gee thanks.). So I am putting this info up for my reference in the future, and for anyone else who may benefit from it.
Mid Oct all my kids caught a bad case of the flu, and JP and Immy both had a fever for about five days. JP was sick first and after his fever broke his face swelled up, so I gave him some Benadryl right before bed and in the morning he was fine. One week later Immy was getting over her fever and when it broke her face swelled more than JP's. I gave her Benadryl before bed, but in the morning her face was not better. It stayed very swollen for three days, and kept me very worried, but there was no fever so I just waited and watched her closely. The third day she looked good enough to go back to school. Later I mentioned the incident to my parents and my dad said "Oh, they had a histamine reaction to the fever." as if it was a very common thing. Apparently during the fever toxins build up in the body and when it broke their bodies reacted as if to an allergy. Once the toxins cleared out of their systems they were fine. Their symptoms were swollen face, puffy eyes, and runny nose.

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