Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Where's my candy!?

Would you believe that after all that "Halloween candy" talk i did, we didn't end up with any Halloween candy!? Not a bit! We went to two parties where they gave the kids nice sensible toys and trinkets in their goody bags. Then we went to a festival, but again no candy because my kids didn't play the games. Forget the kids, they had a great Halloween; I feel totally cheated! (Ok, there were lots of sweets at the party, but that's just not the same thing!) I was looking forward a full night raiding the candy bowl after the kids went to bed! I have never been into the Trick-or-Treating thing, but we are so going next year.


  1. haha! You are so funny... I must admit, I can relate to that feeling of being "cheated"! I used to go trick-or-treating with my young siblings, and they would always offer me some of their goodies. But now I live far away, don't go out on Halloween with them anymore, and I miss the free candy! Isn't that pitiful? I settled this year by going to the health food store and buying an organic chocolate bar for myself... not the same as Sweet Tarts and Tootsie Rolls, but a mildly healthy alternative at least! : D

  2. HAHAHAHA! Now see I have a different, yet similar problem - my kids are too young to be able to pull off trick or treating or playing games at the festivals for candy :(
    I too felt cheated until I went out and bought the halloween candy on sale...muhahahaha! To share with my sister of course :)