Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sewing Again

I have been doing a little sewing here and there. Here is a sample of my mending pile; I fixed Immy's jeans with two knee patches and hemmed up the legs. I made the patches out of a pillowcase boarder, it turned out kind of Holly Hobby-ish, but it works for a little girl.
I have also made several of these wonderful burp cloths and bibs as gifts for some of the baby showers I have been invited to recently. They turned out so cute! I got the idea from Handmade by Jill, and I like them so much I plan to make some extras for myself.
Not too much more to report, but it's feels great to get back to my sewing. I still haven't started my Cash Envelope Wallet, but I think about it every time I go to the store (and wish I was using it!), so I want to do that next. Oh, if I can just keep my foggy pregnant brain motivated!

1 comment:

  1. haha! I love the cash wallet idea, so cute and awesome to go with the dave ramsey class :)
    I also love the way the baby stuff turned out - we are awesome - thanks Jill!