Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holiday Sewing

I did actually get around to a little holiday sewing this year, all on Dec. 24th. Yeah, no pressure.I made several gift bags inspired by this lady. They were really cute close up, honest!
And my favorite project- the baby cradle bedding. I was really excited about this because I have had it on my to do list since last year, and I absolutely love this fabric!

This project would have taken me about 30min-one hour to make it without the ruffles, but that just would not do. I really thought about it, but it just had to have ruffles! So the bedding took me about three hours. I didn't even have to gather them, it was all pre-made ready to sew, and it still took me that long! Ruffles are not for beginners! But, I would do it again, it just had to have ruffles. I'm sure I did it the hard way (there must be an easier way!), I just winged it. I will definitely read up on the right way to do it before I try it again the next time.

I lined the blanket and attached it to the bottom of the pad to make it easier for Lulu to use it. There was a lot of seem ripping for such a small project, but I wanted it to be perfect, or at least close. I took such care to center the images on each piece I cut, and even arranged it so that the images would be right side up when the blanket is pulled back. The blanket is attached inside the ruffle on the top so that it lays right, and I made a little pillow to finish it off.
Crazy to put all that work into something that will be thrown in to the toy box? I don't think so, I don't get to my sewing machine everyday, so if I take the time to make something for my kids I want it to be special and something we keep for a long time.
Here is the fabric close up, so cute!


  1. beautiful Christmas pics!! I have been meaning to tell you---congrats on baby #4! So excited for you!

    We miss you here on the Central Coast!

    We found out we are moving to Washington DC in July---you know that military lifestyle! :)

  2. So cute Ms. Crafty! You are WAY better than Martha : D