Saturday, November 12, 2011

Little Ghosts with Lulu

Lulu is really into ghosts right now since she wanted to be one for Halloween, so while Immy and JP were at school Lulu and I made up these little ghosts to decorate the house for our Halloween party.
 We used a bunch of coffee filters. Then turned them upside down, stuffed them with paper, and tied them off with some quilting thread. 
 Lulu helped draw faces on each one.
 We used a large craft needle to run thread through the top of the ghosts.
 The craft needle was perfect for little fingers, and Lulu was able to thread it all by her self!
 They were so cute! We hung them from the chandelier and in the front windows for our party!


  1. Lulu, you're just like your momma, so clever and creative. Your ghosts sure are scary!

  2. So cute! and ;)