Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Black Cats, ghosts, and Mummies oh my!

I did a little Halloween sewing this year. 
Immy's costume was just assembled, and PT's costume was purchased (they looked so cute!), so I had a little more time to focus on the homemade ones.
We started at the Goodwill to pick up some cheap pieces to chop-up, and I found this little dress for Lulu.
I cut out all the shear pink fabric from the top piece. Then I chopped off the outer layer of the skirt; short in the front, and longer like a little bustle in the back.
I used the cut off skirt to make the sleeves, and I used the bottom part of an old T-shirt to make a little white pointy hat. She was so cute and looked just like a Victorian ghost! (There are no good pictures of her wearing the dress, because I am still pathetic with my new camera. Sorry.)
For JP I dug into my old pile of white T's again. I made his hat just like Lulu's and then used the rest to cut lots, and LOTS of 2" strips.
 I found the perfect Egyptian collar on an old costume at the Goodwill, so I bought that and fixed it to tie around his neck. The costume also came with ugly shoulder "adornment" which was perfect to cut off and turn into Egyptian cuffs! 
I hot glued all the strips to the hat and a cotton body suit we picked up at the Goodwill. (ok, it's technically not sewing, but I was still up until 1am two nights in a row.)
It turned out really amazing, and he was so excited! 
It was a great Halloween, and again, no good pics. We were just too busy having fun. ;)


  1. As always, you did a wonderful job of making them precious in original costumes, love noni

  2. Love love love love!!! You need to come back here so I can take all your pics again! Arg, I can't believe you don't have a better picture of them all together. Pooh.