Sunday, February 7, 2010

Prego Update

How many weeks am I? Honestly I don't even know. I can't do emotionally charged math right now, particularly the kind that makes me freak out and realize that I am only X number of weeks away from being big as a barn, but I'm pretty sure I'll be four months along in the middle of Feb.

I started noticing little movements last weekend, and I say movements because they were on both sides of my belly, obviously this child is busy. He should fit right in. It seems a bit early to be feeling the baby already, so maybe it's going to be a big baby?, or maybe I'm just more in tune to what's going on (think happy thoughts!). I'm not sure, but I love to feel the kicks; the first contact with our new little person. I'm also feeling really great. VERY tired on some days and I go to bed around 9:30 when I can (poor DH does not get much time), but I'm not sick and feeling pretty comfortable, so that makes it easier to enjoy the little kicks and signs of life.

Now before all you moms who have to deal with being sick for nine straight months start hating me, I will add that I am still totally off of dairy. Just like during my last pregnancy I have developed a strong sensitivity to milk protein (educated guess), and It makes me very sick even if I have just a little. This is kind of irritating since EVERYTHING has cheese or butter or some kind of dairy in it, especially here in the South, but I just try to cook at home a lot and make foods I can eat. In a way, I am really lucky because at least I know what makes me sick, and I can stay away from those foods. If I didn't know it was dairy, I would be sick all nine months too. It kind of makes me wonder how many of the sick-for-nine-months ladies actually have a food sensitivity and don't know it. Two of the foods that have really made my time without dairy bearable are Veggie Cheese and non-dairy ice creams. I swear, the Purely Decedent stuff is so good I had to double check the carton like three times just to make sure I was actually allowed to eat it!

The baby bump is starting to show, so now I look pregnant and not just fat. Well, to me anyway; I still talk to people who with look at me and say "I didn't know you were pregnant!", so maybe it's not obvious to everyone. I'm pretty happy though, with all my babies the second trimester was the best, so I'm really trying to enjoy this time between morning sickness and can't-see-my-toes, baby bump and all. It's kind of nice to get dressed and not have to worry that your mommy tummy is showing. ;)
Here is a picture of the Baby bump, I look a little disheveled, but these are literally the only pictures I have of me since getting pregnant so they will have to do. :) Dh took these the other day while we were picking out some new outfits for his trip. I was taking pictures of each of his new outfits so that he could look through them later for ideas. I got to be fashion adviser, so I didn't mind. It was kind of neat idea too, I will have to do that for myself some time for those mornings when I can't figure out what to wear.
Speaking of DH, here he is looking sharp in his new threads, tags and all. I really love how the blue bring out the color in his eyes.
Yes ladies, he's handsome, and he make pretty babies too. I know, I'm lucky.


  1. Very cool clothes and you look super cute in the baby bump pics. I love that dress on you! So beautiful with your hair.

  2. someone asked me if i was pregnant the other day (i'm 14 weeks). i looked down and said, "you know, i was starting to wonder the same thing." ;)

  3. You look darling. Praying for you!