Friday, October 23, 2009

Here comes the candy!

After the kids have brought home their loot on Halloween night what do you do with it all? Our yearly tradition is to let the kids stuff themselves full of all the candy, sweets, and treats they can stand on Halloween, but the next day it all goes put away. Every year we have found a different creative way to use it all up (without me eating it all ;). Here are a few of my ideas; what are yours?

Freeze the leftover candy and use it to decorate a kit gingerbread house at Christmas; those kits never have enough candy!

Freeze some to use in a home-made advent calendar at Christmas.

Take some of the extra candy to an office as a thank-you. Banks, Doctors, Fire or Police departments, Daddy's office, and even the staff at the Dentist usually enjoy getting a sweet treat!

Fill some gold paper cups with the candy then wrap them up to give out as "trophies" to the winners of your Thanksgiving day football game, scavenger hunt, etc.

Send it to our brave troops overseas with a note of thanks and encouragement.

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  1. well you had all the same ideas I had :)

    My favorite is the gingerbread idea though - so right, never enough candy :D