Sunday, October 11, 2009

First Day of School

Immy had her first day of school about two weeks ago, and she is loving it! She started late in the school year because of the move, and there was a little delay over her immunizations (sorry school board, I just don't agree with your required shots list.), but she has fit right in with her grade level and is doing great! She has even begun to make some friends.

I think the transition was the hardest for me, I had gotten so used to her being around all day (For the last five years!). When did she get so big, so smart, so independent? She was so ready for the challenge! Letting go was really hard. I cried, several times that first week. I'm sure it was mostly because I was so tired, I'm still not used to getting up at 6am! But now things are going really well, and as usual, my joy for her far outweighs any of my sadness to see things change.
I am not the only one that is trying to get used to the new schedule, we are all having to get up earlier now. I just wish I could take a nap everyday too! Lulu surprised me the first few days by falling asleep for her nap much earlier than usual; I had set her on the bed to read some books and when I turned around she was out.
One of the nice things about the new schedule is having one-on-one time with JP when Lulu is napping. We have been able to do some fun things just for him like bake cookies, read stories, and just give him some attention. He has been missing his sister a little during the day, but we do a lot of activities, so it is neat for them to take turns telling each other what they got to do on the way home from school.


  1. that's so nice! I can imagine how hard it would be, but that's really great you have some time with JP.

    miss you!

  2. Aw, how cool! Imelda looks pleased as punch to be there :)
    Lulu is too funny asleep on the bed!!! hehehehe
    I'm sure JP is enjoying the mommmy and me time!

  3. Immy is in school now? Where???

    A. CC