Friday, August 28, 2009


Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the past weeks.

Lulu and JP checking out a visitor at our window.

We took the kids to a swimming party, and Lulu had so much fun! She loves the water.

JP at the party.

Immy with a friend up on the playset. Can you guess what her favorite color is?

Here is the trailer we are staying in. It rains here a lot; this is a picture from the gate right before a storm.

Ha ha, this is my favorite!
Penguins and pineapple, what could they possibly have in common?
Looks like we have another reader in the family.


  1. Very cute!!! Where are the NH pictures? I can't wait to see it now that you are in... CJ

  2. I love the pictures!

    How cute is Baby girl looking at that book so quizzical!

    Love the pic of the trailer - so pretty!

    The visitors out the window - so adorable, that should be in a country magazine :)