Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kids and Cows

Here is a picture of Lulu and Nephew. They were playing king-of-the-hill on this old wooden tool box. They had so much fun jumping and yelling like it was a big stage!

Here is a picture of the cows. They like to nuzzle my van and lick the rain water off the hood. Jason and I are totally not farm people so this has been interesting.


  1. HAHAHAHA....oh the cows, the cows LOL!

    That's a cute pic of the two of them :)

  2. I saw your question over at frugal blog asking about cloth diapers. If your serious about switching; Chinese Prefolds and Pro-Wraps are the best I have found along with some Snappies or Pins (I preferred pins but the snappies are easier)
    Nice blog ;)