Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Near-Perfect Beach Bag

Since it's mid summer and hot, hot, hot here, I thought I would share my advice for the Near-Perfect Beach Bag! 
I have seen, and been, one of those parents that have over prepared for the beach, just to have a miserable time toting it all out, and in, and keeping up with it all; so this summer my goal was to see how little we could get by with. It turns out we don't need much to have a wonderful time!

The contents of our ONE beach bag. 
 In our bag was: a blanket, a paddle (mama's strict about beach rules), a camera, snack for the baby, a phone, baby wipes, one diaper, water, (and unseen) keys, a sun screen stick, and a banana. The bag was very light and easy enough for a child to carry, leaving me free to carry the baby.

Also, I brought and left in the van: one towel for each child and extra diapers. I had $10 in my back pocket for ice cream, and we brought a small bucket of sand toys. 

To the beach!
I had the kids hold hands, Immy carried the bag, and Lulu carried the sand toys. I carried (only!) the baby. We didn't pack food because I planned our trip for 8am; we ate breakfast before we left, had ice cream at the beach around 11am, and we were home for lunch. Very, very simple, and the most fun I have had at the beach in a long time!

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