Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Strawberry Time!

We went strawberry picking again this year! We went a few weeks ago; I think mid April would have been much better timing, because they were not quite as sweet as I like them, but we still bought a couple pounds to make into jam and, of course, eat!
Out picking with the MOMS Club
Sweet as a strawberry!
Picking with Aunt Cricket

Pretty little Lulu
He loves to be outside!
Homemade Canner
I don't have much storage space, or very big eyes on the stove, so I didn't want to buy a huge pot for boiling my canning jars. Instead, I set five wide-mouth canning rims and a silicone pot holder in the bottom of a tall stock pot, and used this to boil my jars of jam. Worked like a charm! 
(You can see the pot on the stove behind the kids below.)

My big helpers
This was a perfect time for JP and Lulu to help out in the kitchen. They loved cutting the berries, and it was ok that some of them where mangled or had bites, since they were all going to be boiled down anyway.
Lulu and JP
Strawberry pop?
PB&J here we come!

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  1. This looks like so much fun! We love strawberry picking, too!