Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sewing, Strawberries, Skirts, and Skorts

 A little bit of crafting is getting done in between moments of chores, kids, and baby snuggling.  
 I did a little midnight canning when our freezer gave us fits and defrosted all my frozen strawberries.
Literally midnight, look at that clock!
 The berries actually defrosted earlier in the day, but when you start canning after the kids go to bed you don't get done until the wee hours. The jelly is so good though! 

 A little refashioning; I bought this size 14 skirt for $1 and stitched down the sides to make it my size. I also followed the lines from my other favorite skirt (that doesn't fit yet, need to lose a few more postpartum pounds) to give this a "tulip" shape. It turned out cute.  
There were a few more small sewing projects completed; Immy made a pillow for her teacher, and I made two laundry bags to hang on the side of the changing table. 

Darks and Lights!
 Here is a more recent refashioning project Skirt turned Skort. 
1$ skirt
1$ shorts
 I cut off the short's waist band and pockets.
 Pinned it inside the skirt.
 Sewed all the way around except for about two inches in the front where the zipper is.
inside out front

inside out back
 I left a little slack in the front so the button and zipper could still be undone. I also left the old tags in so I could see what size the skirt is.
 In about an hour it went from skirt to skort, really simple and really cute!
No panties here!

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