Friday, December 18, 2009

Cloth Diapers?

What? You didn't know I had ventured in to the world of cloth diapers? Well, I guess that's new too. I have been checking in to them for several months now, but I was just waiting for the right time to make the change. More specifically, I was waiting for a deal. The cloth diapers that are available now are really wonderful, pretty easy to use, and cheaper than disposables, but they are a bit of an up-front investment, and I was nervous about spending the money just in case we really didn't like them. Anyway, the "right time" was a few weeks ago when I found 13 Bum Genius one-size diapers and inserts for $60!! I bargained down to $50 and got a diaper pail thrown into the deal too, awesome! This was a huge blessing, but the down side to buying used is that the Velcro tabs are a bit worn out, and with Lulu being on the top end of the weight limit the diapers will come undone and fall off if she is not wearing pants over them. Yeah, kind of a problem. But, now that I know cloth is working for us I am planning on investing in a new set in a bigger size for Lulu (and the older kids night-time needs too) then I can pass these diapers on to the new baby. I'm not sure if I will have the same trouble on a smaller baby, but I may try to change out the Velcro if it's still a problem. I don't want to do that unless I really need to because sewing through all that Velcro would be a little rough on my machine.
Now for the big question: Why make the switch? Well, if you are really interested, I had three reasons. First, was money. We spend about $20 a week on the diapers and night-time Pullups, and even with laundering costs the cloth is less per month than disposable.
Second, is my issue with throwing away so many diapers. We use about 50 diapers a week and these diapers take an estimated 500 years to decompose. That's a lot of diapers sitting around for a long time, and I'm not really crazy about the idea of preserving my kids poo for their great, great, great, great grand-kids.
Lastly, I like natural things. I obsess over giving my family healthy food, use NFP, nursed each baby, and do lots of other crunchy Granola type things, so cloth diapering is really not a huge leap for me, but the push came when I learned that (used) disposable diapers won't burn. Well, at least not in a burn barrel. Kind of made me wonder if I really wanted to strap something to my kids tush that was so un-natural that it wouldn't even burn after two weeks at the bottom of the burn barrel. Anyway, we made the switch and it's going well. I don't think we will switch back except maybe for trips and stuff, but the diaper sprayer is definitely on the must-have list!

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