Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sew Busy

I thought I would get a lot more sewing done while Dh was gone, since I would have so many evenings to myself, but unfortunately procrastination and sewing machine repairs got in the way of my big plans. I was, however, able to finish two little projects.

Here is the teddy bear that I long-ago promised to Sunshine. I started it months ago with fabrics I had on hand and a pattern I made, but I took a break about half way through when it wasn't looking quite right. I came back to it with fresh eyes a few weeks ago, and I am really happy with how it turned out! Sunshine really likes it too; I let her choose the colors for the face.

This is the purse I started at the sewing workshop, Spring is in the Bag.
Again using fabrics I had on hand (I really should try to plan ahead); the apple fabric was left over from a bag and the blue lining is from a fabric dyeing workshop.
Each student brought their own fabric to the workshop and the pattern was provided by the teacher. It was really cool to see how different each purse turned out. I love the green and blue but next time I would probably choose something a little more feminine. I added the ribbon to my purse to dress it up a bit.
I customized the pocket to my cell phone too.
It's a great summer bag!


  1. So cute on the teddy bear!! and I love the bag...where's mine ;o)

  2. So I'm sure you've thought about starting a business, right?? So the REST of us can have cute stuff too???